We have three different brands with the weight of 450gr and 500gr regularly producing.

125 gr and 10kg are also possible to produce for our customers as per request.
All the products are made in Ukraine at the moment. We are waiting to get our Turkey Plant in Production. Then we will re-consider our product portfolio accordingly.

Dora Maya

Instant Dry Yeast

Dry yeast products (active or instant) offer many advantages to users thanks to their long shelf-life and durability in ambient temperature. They offer additional ease of handling since they can be added directly into the dough without being dissolved in advance.

Our instant dry yeast products have been developed exclusively for low-fat or low-sugar dough, and offer superior fermentation capabilities and optimum stability, regardless of the type of bakery or manufacturing method.

We have no high sugar instant dry yeast for now, but after starting production in our plant in Lüleburgaz, Turkey, it will be in our focus.