Throughout our 30 years of experience at our group of companies, we have learned to aim for the best, to maintain top quality and to ensure stable growth. We grew by combining our know-how from the past with the cutting-edge technology of the present. And today, we continue our journey as a brand that has proven itself across generations around the world.

History of our factories

1994: (Launch of dry yeast and exports to 80 countries: Lüleburgaz Facility)
With a focus on improvement and R&D activities, the Group was in search for new business lines and in 1994 the company proved its experience at two facilities with its first dry yeast brand “Akmaya” which was exported to 80 countries. With this brand, the Group became a global player reaching beyond the borders of Turkey.
The company started manufacturing baker’s yeast and bread additives at Lüleburgaz facility, followed by manufacture of organic fertilizer and animal feed from waste yeast.

1996: (Opening up to the world: Odessa Facility)
Building on its success in yeast manufacturing, the Group decided to start investments abroad, and started manufacturing fresh yeast at its new facility in Odessa (Ukraine) in 1996.
Please click here to see images of Odessa Facility (Ukraine).

Odessa (Ukraine) Facility was upgraded.

The company started manufacturing dry and fresh yeast at Voronezh (Russia) Facility.

2003: Ruse (Bulgaria) Facility
The Group continued its growth step by step to respond to the increasing global demand, and launched fresh yeast manufacturing at Ruse Facility (Bulgaria) in 1999.

The company started investments to launch dry yeast manufacturing operations in addition to fresh yeast at facilities in Bulgaria and Ukraine.

Investments were completed at Bulgaria and Ukraine facilities to start production of dry yeast.

Established Sade Maya Sanayi ve Ticaret A.Ş. with new experiences and new targets.